Flagz - World Edition

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What's New:

- universal app
- better flag images
- in app feedback
- minor enhancements and bug fixes

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Flagz is a quiz game to test your knowledge of countries and their flags around the world. Perfect for the whole family! A virtual journey that will help you discover countries you never knew existed. The 'World Edition' includes all 193 countries that are members of the United Nations plus 2 observer states.

Discover every flag in the world and see if you can memorize them all!
Countries are divided by continents and you can review the flag, plus the capital of a selected flag. Some countries have very similar flags! Try to remember them correctly.

The fun starts here! Two different quiz types are available and can be selected by tapping the quiz button:
◦ Guess the country - you are presented with a flag and have to select the correct answer from a list of country names. No typing is involved!
◦ Guess the flag - you are presented with a country name and have to guess the right flag from a set of flags.

Both can be played at three different difficulty modes selected by tapping the mode button:
◦ Rookie - the easiest mode with 10 questions and only 3 answers to pick from per question.
◦ Intermediate - challenge yourself with 20 questions and 6 answers to pick from per question.
◦ Expert - feeling confident? Go for the best score with 30 questions and 9 answers to pick from per question.

The scoring depends on your ability to answer as quickly as possible in the first 10 seconds. Don't waste time and get the extra points while you can.
At any time you can pause, start new game or simply go back to main menu to select a different quiz/mode combination.

Game Center integration.

Enjoy the game and gain some knowledge in the process!

Good luck!

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Flagz - World EditionFlagz - World EditionFlagz - World EditionFlagz - World EditionFlagz - World Edition

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