The Party Light Supreme

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What's New:

NEW MODE - Text mode, check it out.

The Party Light Supreme has a bunch of different modes that react to music/whatever sound the microphone on your phone picks up.
You can choose if you want it to react to bass or volume.

-Strobe Mode uses the camera flash as a strobe light (sorry, iPad users)
-Flash Mode uses the color of your choice and flashes on the screen
-Fade Mode uses the color of your choice and screen brightness depends on volume or bass
-Multi Mode uses the screen as a strobe light with a different color for every flash
-All of the modes are explained in the app

Here's why it's supreme:
Twice as many modes as the free version with more on the way
Sensitivity setting is saved instead of reverting to the default every time
Bass mode
Everything loads way faster
No ads

Hit the question mark in the app if you need help.

Tweet me (@ryanupinhere) any and all videos of The Party Light being used at parties, raves, ragers, keggers, hoedowns, throw-downs, blow-downs, turn-ups, private jet flights, balls, lol balls, shindigs, luncheons, bashes, work, get-togethers, serious business meetings, fiestas, pep rallies, concerts, runnings of the bulls, silent movies, etc.


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The Party Light SupremeThe Party Light SupremeThe Party Light Supreme

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