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- New graph colors!

Regression Calc is a regression calculator that finds curves of best fit. Simply enter the desired points, choose which regression you want and tap "Calculate". Regression Calc displays the equation and the r^2 value at the bottom of the screen. The graph can be viewed in the second tab and the the equation can be viewed in higher precision in the third tab. The graph automatically resizes itself to fit the entered points so that all the points will be on screen. On the graph screen, points can be selected and removed by tapping the point on the screen and tapping remove.

- Natural Logarithmic Regressions
- Power Regressions
- Exponential Regressions
- Linear Regressions
- Quadratic Regressions
- Cubic Regressions
- Quartic Regressions
- Quintic Regressions
- r^2 Value Calculations
- Scatterplot and Regression Graphs
- Shake to Clear Points

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Regression CalcRegression CalcRegression CalcRegression CalcRegression Calc

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