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Now you can simply leave Early running, even with your iPhone locked, and have no worries about Silent or Do Not Disturb mode!

Early makes waking up fun, like playing a game. It will wake you up gently but more effectively than coffee. Discover how mornings can be beautiful.


We designed some beautiful, easy games to help you wake up and act as a child before letting serious thoughts come to your mind. Your alarm will get less noisy while you’re playing, but you have to win to turn it off -- unless you decide to cheat and allow escaping the game in settings, although then you could risk missing the best part of the day.


Choose the color of your alarms and play with their combinations to create your personal layout. Use different colors to label your alarms and visually organize them into categories.


You can make small changes to all of your alarms without leaving the single screen. When you disable some of them, just shake your phone and the active ones will show up first. There are two different list views for all the alarms created. The choice of which one to use depends on your preference to have a fast and colorful overview or to be able to easily change your earlier choices and maybe sleep five minutes longer.


Details are important to us and we worked on delightful animations to transform a boring daily routine into fun experience where your alarms are vivid circles fighting for their place on the screen.


When your own power of will is not strong enough to prevent you from returning to bed we will try to inspire you with a good reason to start your day in a very moment and don’t regret afterwards. We are carefully choosing these quotes so that you might even wish to save them for later.


We hope Early will change your perspective of mornings and help you see they can be the most beautiful part of the day, especially if used well.


We are happy to hear how Early affects your mornings. Please get in touch with us and let us know about your experience. We are also developing a supportive community of early morning lovers that will help you realize how great is to wake up on schedule. Join us on Facebook or Instagram.


Early Game AlarmEarly Game AlarmEarly Game AlarmEarly Game AlarmEarly Game Alarm

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