LDS Book of Mormon Challenge!

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What's New:

- A completely redesigned Single Player experience. Now we track your scores across games so you can track your progress better.
- The secondary language is now off by default.
- Other bug fixes and improvements.

LDS Book of Mormon Challenge is a brand new game that is really fun and has a fantastic learning outcome! The game play is simple and intuitive, here is how it works:

1. You challenge a friend or let Game Center find an opponent and you start the game.
2. There are 10 rounds, each consisting of a new scripture picked at random from the Book of Mormon.
3. You try and guess the book, chapter, and verse as best you can within the allotted time limit (30 seconds).
4. You get a point for getting the book right, two additional points for the correct chapter, and three additional points for the correct verse! There are six points possible per round.
5. At the end of 10 rounds you can get a breakdown of how you faired against your opponent!

If it seems like a daunting or challenging game at first, don't be dismayed! Before long you will start to become more familiar with the stories in the Book of Mormon, and gain a better understanding of where they are located.

There is also a Practice feature that allows you to practice on your own, and also read the verses in context for better understanding.

We hope you enjoy using this app that is free to play, and are happy to share this fun game that has such a great learning outcome.

LDS Book of Mormon Challenge!LDS Book of Mormon Challenge!LDS Book of Mormon Challenge!LDS Book of Mormon Challenge!LDS Book of Mormon Challenge!

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