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Fixed the count down bug. Added alert for timer.
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Every now and then, you find yourself standing in the middle of many cars, raising your hand, and pushing that red small emergency button madly. You just don't remember where you parked the car, I know. We've all been there.
ParkBook has all the things you need to take a note for situation like this. You can use shortcuts to record zone color, zone/floor number or section letter. If that's not enough, you may also want to try taking note by typing yourself, record a piece of voice memo, or take a picture. And of course, GPS is automatically used if it's available. Though GPS doesn't really work well when you are in an indoor garage, or when there are more than one floor. And of course, there's a timer if you happen to do meter parking, or suffer alternative street parking in New York city.
You can even change the align preference because we want you be able to take the note with one hand, and we know you hold your phone differently than at least half of all the people out there.
This is a fast, lightweight, and dedicated note app for parking. There are indeed a lot of other cool note apps, but you don't want to mix your disposable parking note with class note, or brilliant ideas you wrote down there. And you want to delete all the expired note with just one tap, like what you can do in our Settings section.

Features on the way: Optional alarm lock for parking timer, sharing park note.
Send us an email from settings section if you have any more suggestions.


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