Gratitude Journal ~ the original!

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What's New:


+ crashing on load FIXED
+ editing reminders FIXED
+ case sensitive emails FIXED
+ performance issues FIXED
+ loads of other little improvements

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As seen in USA Today, NPR and Oprah - Gratitude Journal is the easiest and most effective way to rewire your brain in just five minutes a day, unleashing everything great in your life. Completely private and designed get you happy!

"Keeps you inspired and motivated even when things seem bleak." - Mashable

“Keeping a gratitude journal is the single most important thing I’ve ever done.” - Oprah

It builds on proven principles of positive psychology.

+ A proven format for easy journaling and sharing (if you want)
+ Export to PDF (new)
+ Tag friends and locations
+ Slideshow to view random past entries
+ Passcode protection for your privacy
+ Friendly reminders so you don't miss a day
+ Inspirational quotes and motivational advice
+ Sync and backup so you never lose your entries
+ Photos to let you capture your best moments

“This app kept me going through the worse year of my life.” - Vicki, West Virginia

“Gratitude is a very powerful feeling and this app reminds me each day where to focus my thoughts.” - Sorosh, India

“It got me off life’s treadmill and doing what I really love.” - Barry, Ireland

Gratitude Journal ~ the original!Gratitude Journal ~ the original!Gratitude Journal ~ the original!Gratitude Journal ~ the original!Gratitude Journal ~ the original!

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