Swim Planner

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What's New:

Added support for 33-1/3m pools. Added a number of new workouts. Added time trial distances equivalent to standard swim competition distances (i.e., 100, 200, 400, 800, ...).

Do you head to the pool without a workout in mind or spend too much time trying to find or write one? The Swim Planner app creates swim workouts in seconds based on your total desired workout distance and swimming ability. All you need to decide is how far you want to swim and the app will take over from there to generate a new swim workout similar to the ones Tri Faster coaches provide their athletes. If you don't like the workout, click New to generate another until you get one you like from the hundreds available.

Workouts can be emailed or copied to the clipboard for use in other apps.

Swim PlannerSwim PlannerSwim Planner

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