Phoenix Spirit

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What's New:

- Added iOS4 compatibility

Phoenix Spirit is the winner of "Best Mobile Game" at the Swedish Game Awards 2010!

"Phoenix Spirit is a cool game of exploration, filled with well drawn pixel art, immersive music, and a neat game concept that any fan of Metroidvania side-scrollers shouldn't miss." -Toucharcade

"Phoenix Spirit is one of those games that you really need to get for the iPhone or iPad(screen doubled)." -Touchgen Review (4/5)

"The game is throughly enjoyable and you do want to keep playing it and exploring along the forest. It is probably one of the few unique games that will keep you entertained on the edge of your seat and yet relaxing at the same time." -Touchreviews (4/5)

"It's actually a really beautiful game. It's got such a great atmosphere about it."
- AverageApper

"I just played this game for an hour on the toilet because I was so lost in the game. The artwork is beautiful, and the atmosphere is very zen (especially with headphones)." -First impressions from Toucharcade forum

The Mother Tree is ill and only you can heal it!

Main appeal of the game is about exploring the forest and discovering the cause of the Mother Tree's illness. To do this you will be able to unlock new areas as well as revisit old areas in order to gain new powers to cure the disease. The game is based loosely on the Metroidvania concept but provides a more relaxing experience.

The gameplay is comparable to a traditional shooter but with the freedom of flying. This adds exciting new gameplay in a whole new dimension!

Phoenix Spirit is a game that is for everyone. Even if you haven't played games before it will be easy to understand with it's simple controls and gameplay using the iPhone's accelerometer. Getting through the game will be fun and provide plenty of challenge.

- Save the Mother Tree - Discover the cause of the disease and get rid of it
- Exploring - Use the custom designed control scheme to explore the forest at your own pace
- Aestheticss - Be awed by the stunning visuals and dynamic music
- Powerups - Collect and upgrade powerups for your spirit in order to battle the illness
- Big world - Enjoy a vast world with no loading times

Game trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIHHS46NBzs

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Phoenix SpiritPhoenix SpiritPhoenix SpiritPhoenix SpiritPhoenix Spirit

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