Category: iPad/Music View in iTunes
What's New:

Added a new synthesis mode based on square waves, alternative mappings for each preset, and a tube reverb simulation. Even noisier!

Watch out: this app can be very noisy, be careful with your ears and keep volume low initially!

Choose photos and images from your Photo Albums as the data source for noisy sound synthesis. Up to five touches on screen are detected, and the image r,g,b and intensity values at touch locations mapped to the parameters of chaotic and noisy sound synthesis algorithms. Three algorithms are provided:

1) Gravity Grid: a particle is trapped under the influence of gravity within a set of fixed bodies, and spins around chaotically at fast rates
2) Frequency Modulation: each touch controls one carrier and modulator pair using FM synthesis.
3) Nonlinear Synthesis: a special nonlinear differential equation with weirdly oscillatory solutions is continually solved.

If your definition of 'music' is limited to diatonic notes, you probably won't like this. But if you're up for some fun with noisy sound, you should enjoy the experience! Try different images as sources and remember to use up to five fingers at once to control each algorithm.


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