Price Calculator

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What's New:

Version 1.1 implements two new features:
* The ability to edit previously-entered calculations
* Calculations are now saved after you close the app and loaded when you open the app.


Price Calculator conveniently figures cost-per-unit amounts, coupon and
percentage discounts, and price comparisons.

The one-screen format is self-explanatory and easy to use. Well-marked
spaces allow entry of item names, price per package, number of packages,
units per package (such as ounces), and up to six coupons or discounts.

Price Calculator displays the last five calculations on screen and
automatically marks the lowest price. Features the option to calculate
double, triple and quadruple coupons. Percentage discounts may be
calculated by entering a % symbol after the number.

Simple enough for everyday use while providing features for serious coupon
clippers. Price Calculator is the savvy shopper’s go-to app for finding
the best price at just the tap of a finger!

Price CalculatorPrice CalculatorPrice CalculatorPrice Calculator

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