Dinosaurs: An Early Introduction

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Curious Circus proudly presents the newest member of our interactive family: Dinosaurs: An Early Introduction. Created by award-winning designer Michael-Paul Terranova, Dinosaurs: An Early Introduction, brings to life eighteen new and exciting dinosaurs.

Hear Them Roar! Simply touch or "tickle" each dinosaur to hear its own distinct roar again and again. Your children will love the sounds of their new Dino pals. We may never know what these dinosaurs actually sounded like, but our team at Curious Circus thinks we have a pretty good guess!

Learn Their Names! The name of each dinosaur is directly below its picture and is read aloud by touching the text.

See Their Bones! Press the circular icon at the top of each page to see the dinosaur's skeleton. Press it again to return to its living image.

Putting Kids First! Dinosaurs: An Early Introduction allows your child to control their own interactive experience, which helps them learn as they play. By putting kids in control, Curious Circus is throwing out the myth that children can't have fun while they're learning. We know your children will enjoy Dinosaurs: An Early Introduction for years to come!

Featured Dinosaurs: Stegosaurs, Velociraptor, Brachiosaurus, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus, Iguanodon, Pteranodon and many more!

Dinosaurs: An Early IntroductionDinosaurs: An Early IntroductionDinosaurs: An Early IntroductionDinosaurs: An Early Introduction

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