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InternetMeme! is simply the best internet meme app on the AppStore. No internet required, because all of the videos and soundclips are built in to the app. Simply scroll through the videos, and tap the one you wish to watch! Includes 22 videos, a soundboard, and an option to "Rickroll" your buddies through email right off the bat! More to come in updates! Don't forget to leave a rating below!

Some videos include:

"I like turtles."
Leek spinning girl
Falcon Punch!
Dramatic Chipmunk
Charlie the Unicorn
"YES YES!" (Bison)
"Charlie bit me!"
"Don't tase me bro!"

and many more!


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*Email the dev at msircumference@aol.com for any questions or concerns regarding the app*

This app is intended for novelty use only. All media is the property of its respected owners and/or licensers.


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