Cave Mice

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What's New:

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What's new in version 1.0.1:

- Implemented a Pause button
- Challenge progress now displayed in percentage
- Improved graphics
- Minor fixes

Navigate mouse Theseus Tilsit on his dangerous mission into an abyss to retrieve cheese rations which his family and community need to survive. Evade sharp obstacles and also attacks from evil cave dwellers. Defend yourself by throwing chunks of cheese at your enemies. The ideal game On The Go.


Mouse Theseus Tilsit together with his friends and family live in a secret cellar in a abandoned medieval cloister. Over the summer the hard working mice have collected substantial cheese rations which shall guarantee their survival during the long winter ahead.
Tragically the old wood floor collapses and all the cheese rations fall into a deep cave below. The smartest Mouse Dr. Professor Rechaud constructs a special crane to send the bravest mouse Theseus into the deep abyss. There awaits him a battle for life and death.


Navigate the Gondola in which our hero travels around. On the way collect as many chunks of cheese as possible. Danger lurks on every corner. First of all you need to avoid the sharp cave edges. Then there are vicious enemies ready to attack you. You can defend yourself by throwing the already collected cheese chunks at them thus disengaging them.
Your score will be determined by how deep into the abyss you are able to travel and how much cheese you are able to collect. Keep that in mind and you will get the highest score.

Cave Mice is going to keep you on the edge.

Special Features that make Cave Mice noteworthy and unique:

- fully supports high-definition "Retina Display"
- posting of high scores at "Game Center" available
- unique precision of natural motion sequences
- intuitive tilt control of gondola movements
- original and detailed graphics and animation
- unique and distinctive game music in stereo sound
- all sounds can be turned off and on
- increasing difficulty and complexity
- various challenges and achievements





Cave MiceCave MiceCave MiceCave MiceCave Mice

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