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- Fixed a bug in the sticker book

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Here come the Monsters – the zaniest family since The Flintstones. The app has six exciting and educational games made especially for preschoolers. It’s designed to develop and re-enforce some of the most important foundations for preschooler learning (ages 2-5).

*** FEATURES ***
-6 different games that teach kids about colors, words, counting, shapes, matching objects and spot the difference.

-Each character in the Monsters family will help your child play different games that are fun, educational and packed with gazillions of sounds, animated characters and loads of activities.

- The design and navigation is especially designed for preschoolers. It’s intuitive and easy for them to use on their own.

- Play with your favorite character or play with the whole family.


1. COLORS: Meet Scrumpy, the Monsters lovable family dog. Feed him his favorite colors. Teaches colors and color names.

2. MATCHING: It’s time to tidy up! Find different objects hidden behind the cards. Match them up and help the Monsters clean their room! Teaches concentration and uses observation skills and memory.

3. COUNTING. Count the different objects that each monster likes. Teaches numbers and counting.

4. WORDS: Help the Monsters with everyday words by naming the objects around the room. Teaches words and word recognition for everyday objects.

5. 5. SPOT THE DIFFERENCE: Help the Monsters find the object that looks different. Helps with concentration and observation.

6. SILHOUETTES: Help the Monsters match the correct shape with the silhouette. This fun game connects right and left-brain thinking by encouraging visual ability and spatial understanding.

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The Monsters FamilyThe Monsters FamilyThe Monsters FamilyThe Monsters FamilyThe Monsters Family

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