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What's New:

End of rep/session notifications will display even if you leave the app. This means you can start your session and use other apps and still be prompted. Notifications must be turned on for this functionality to work.

Stretch timer helps you keep fit and healthy by counting down your stretch timings. Focus on doing your exercises and doing them right rather than having to countdown yourself or remember how many stretches you have done.

- Large easy to read display keeps track of time remaining and number of repetitions
- Countdown shows how much time remaining on this stretch and the number of reps you have done.
- Alert plays when the timer reaches zero
- Can automatically start the next rep after a configurable delay or you can manually start the next rep
- Able to pause and restart your session
- Able to configure: seconds per repetition, number of repetitions and auto continue time
- Configuration is stored from session to session
- Able to play music in the background as you do your stretches
- Configure the alert sound to be played at the completion of a rep
- End of rep/session alerts will continue even if you are in another app (if you have notifications turned on)

If you discover any bugs or want to submit a feature request then let us know using the support website (http://mattsiphoneapps.webs.com/).

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Stretches TimerStretches TimerStretches Timer

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