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Updated to take into account user observations and their requests that it becomes an app for both Mums and Dads.
Updated content to reflect this; refreshed graphics; optimised for new platforms.

“How can I be the best mother or father I can be?”
“Why doesn't my child see things the way I do?”
“Why does my partner disagree about how we bring up the kids?”
“How are other parents successful?”

Parents all over the world puzzle over questions like this. The answers aren’t always simple - but MumAndDadCoach® (previously MyTypeOfMum® by PersonalityExpress™) can help.

(... that's Mom if you live over the Atlantic).

MumAndDadCoach® is easy to use and provides practical, real, concrete suggestions, plus useful insights and ideas... based on a parent's own Personality Type.

You answer a few simple questions. Then you can browse through parental strengths, possible challenges and ideas for a whole range of personality types, not just your own. What each Personality Type may prefer or enjoy as a parent, what they may find it less easy to do, ideas to take a different approach. You will see different perspectives, a perspective which (for example) your child may have.

Many have heard of Personality Type, based on the observations and theories of Carl Jung, our own professional staff and other leading psychologists. What’s less commonly known is that the purpose of understanding Personality Type is to help people understand the differences between themselves and others in a positive way. To understand why others may behave differently. This is particularly useful in families and at work.

Many people worldwide are using tools from the PersonalityExpress™ suite to give them an advantage in their careers, their friendships, their relationships and their lives. In life, business, career, love... whether to build better relationships or gain more influence... a knowledge of your Personality Type preferences and - just as important, those of others - can contribute to you being more successful.

No advertising and no additional purchase necessary, you receive full functionality.

MumAndDadCoach® by PersonalityExpress™. Seriously the best of its Type.

Mom & Dad Coach by Personality ExpressMom & Dad Coach by Personality ExpressMom & Dad Coach by Personality ExpressMom & Dad Coach by Personality ExpressMom & Dad Coach by Personality Express

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