Secret of Treasure Mansion

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A mysterious grave has been uncovered. It is the grave of a person unknown, long hidden and forgotten. You are the first to view the contents. In addition to the remains of the occupant, you find a note that leaves you awestruck.

An obscure, deserted mansion may contain a vast treasure. The treasure is yours if you can find it. How difficult could it be to find a hidden treasure you wonder?

On a dark night, you arrive at the mansion. The mansion was supposed to be abandoned long ago, and yet you find the mansion amazingly well kept. It's as if . . . you dare say it . . . there was someone there! Or is it paranormal activity?

You wander through the mansion solving puzzles that can lead to the treasure as well as the discovery of the secret of treasure mansion.

A classic point and click adventure game
Dozens of items to interact with
Over thirty scenes and backgrounds
Lots of puzzles to solve
Sensational animation
Fantastic soundtrack
Beautiful graphics
Wonderful audio score

Can you solve the mysteries? Find the secret and treasure of Treasure Mansion!

Secret of Treasure MansionSecret of Treasure MansionSecret of Treasure MansionSecret of Treasure MansionSecret of Treasure Mansion

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