Bronto Blast

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What's New:

Fixed some weapons issues.

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Best Run on iPhone 4s+, iPod 5+, iPad 3+!

TOOT your way to safety! Escape the impending DOOM!

Bronto: an astronomy loving apatosaurus with a flatulence problem/power, discovers one lovely night that a giant asteroid is going to smash into his planet!

With only a few days left, Bronto decides to collect all eggs from all the dinosaurs and put them in his conveniently existing Ark/Rocket Ship and fly to safety.

Battle Trex, Stegosaurus, Igauandon, Pterodactyal and many more!

Big Bosses! Crazy Fart Powers! Trusty Lighters! Expand-o Cabbages!

How to Play:
Press down on the left and slide back and forth to move Bronto.
Tap the flame button to fire a special power fart!
Tap the fart button to fart attack!
Tap the jump button to jump!
Tap the lighter in the middle to switch weapons!
Go to the store to buy more lighters with gems!
Get those DINOS!

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Bronto BlastBronto BlastBronto BlastBronto Blast

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