Best Worst App Ever - EPIC

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What's New:

- first 3 levels are now wussy-proof and should give you no trouble to complete
- removed banners

Make combo's, combo's and more combo's. (so hit 3 of the same in a row)

This is the BEST Worst App Ever, it's epic.
Catch crap make combo's!

Feel like a rockstar, believe in yourself, you can do this.
Weather the distraction of your environment, incredible tunes, crazy combo actions and get yourself to the top of Rockstar kingdom.
Earn as much coin as possible and buy yourself some extraordinary environmental changes, be the best of the world and get yourself into the online high scores.

The game offers two modes: Play Levels / Free Play

Play Levels:
Wrestle yourself through all 6 levels. You'll definitely need to do some crap combo actions and get some stuff to make it within the set time.

Free Play:
Play, train, learn and earn without any time limits. Earn some coin in this mode, it will make your life much easier in Level mode.

Get your coin count as high as possible by catching crap.
With your coin count you can buy stuff. Each item in your world increases the worth of crap.

Do NOT take shortcuts in life, do NOT buy your status through our in-app coin purchases, even if it is possible.
Do NOT play with explosive materials, it will bring mayhem.

Get your kicks in this world changing game experience of delicious cupcakes, adorable pussycats, crazy astronauts, massive guitars, trendy outfits, steamy weather conditions and lots of bananas and strawberries.

Endure this rat race till the end, you will have a satisfying feeling, a six pack and will be fearless of wild animals (not guaranteed).

- iPhone 5 supported
- Super sharp retina graphics
- Game center highscores and achievements to conquer
- Cupcakes
- Strawberries
- Apple pies
- Aliens
- Stars
- More crap than you can handle
- Free gorilla included

Dare to play, dare to fail, in the WorstAppEver, it's epic!


Best Worst App Ever - EPICBest Worst App Ever - EPICBest Worst App Ever - EPICBest Worst App Ever - EPIC

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