OneHour Guitar Chord Method

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"...have to see this to believe it...Yes, you read that right: Just sixty minutes of studying and poof! You’ll be able to play them all...remarkable product." Apple Magazine.

OneHour method is not a chord generator, but it turns your brain as one. In one hour you’ll throw your 256 pages 10 000 chords chord dictionary into the fireplace and laugh at chord generators.

"...everything is possible...simply ingenious" Akustik Gitarre.

"Sehr schön" Gitarre und Bass.

Phantastic! (5stars)
by Zappa55 - Version 1.10 - Jun 19, 2013
I have played guitar +40 years and only now I understand. How easy forming even the most complicated chords can be! In less than one hour.

(5stars) by Retired_Redleg
June 28, 2014
Actually did throw out a myriad of books on the subject..this is my 'go to' resource! After 30 years playing I finally understand what's going on!!

An absolutely genious way to learn chords (5stars)
by `__´ - Version 1.10 - Jun 25, 2013
..and not just chords, This method unlocks the pattern / chord-shape-stuck guitarist's thinking and allows one to construct chords, scales and arpeggios easily and in the most logical way possible. It helps one to understand why certain things sound how they do and helps to see how intervals, chord shapes and inversions are connected to each other. Honestly, this method is all you need to learn ANY chord or arpeggio there is. Most importantly, the method is FUN, rewarding and once the method is learnt the system starts feeding itself, so you'll never ever forget what you've learnt with the method, you'll only get deeper in seeing how the fretboard works. Sounds too good to be true, I know, but I learnt the guitar with the predecessor to this, the Only Complete method. Understanding chords, arpeggios and scales through the method has been the biggest "HEUREKA"-experience for me in my 15 years as a professional musician. It made me realise that chords or scales aren't hard, they're completely logical and learning them is easy. This method unlocked the fretboard and the how I approach the guitar in general for me, I highly recommend this App to everyone, from beginner to pro player.

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OneHour Guitar Chord MethodOneHour Guitar Chord MethodOneHour Guitar Chord MethodOneHour Guitar Chord Method

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