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What's New:

GetGabbin\' 2.0 is here! The new version introduces premium packs. Premium packs are additional topics that you can purchase so you can continue to enjoy conversation starters for a very long time. Keep a lookout for even more premium topics soon!

Grab this app and get gabbing!!

Get Gabbin' is a fantastic app that energizes your conversations with your family and friends.

Make dinner time fun again with over 400 topics that you can ask anyone.

Great for the following:
* Dinner time
* Flying
* Road trips
* Date night
* Bonfires
* Waiting in the theater
* Restaurants

Share topics on Twitter, Facebook or just text someone a question.

Swipe right to get a new topic and swipe left to go back.

Tap the settings button to select a pack of topics. You can even submit your very own topic!

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Get Gabbin'Get Gabbin'Get Gabbin'Get Gabbin'Get Gabbin'

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