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Lose weight with BIKI®, the simplest, fastest diet app available. Choose how to track: (1) Use food photos to track custom meals in just 1-click (2) Follow your customized diet plan (3) Or use your interchangeable diet tracker-nutrition adviser.

With expert insight about your personal diet habits (PRO only) you'll learn exactly how to fine-tune your eating habits and with a flexible custom diet you'll be able to create your own perfect custom diet plan. Use Food Selfies & other exclusive diet tools to create a more hassle free - fun to follow diet.

Everyone begins by registering and using BIKI® LITE; then depending upon preferences and needs upgrades to BIKI® PRO, which once updated, includes full access to Food Selfies tracking as well as the MORE page which includes ALL the diet and support options our dietitian recommends.

A registered dietitian specializing in weight and health related weight issues.


-- "Hi. I wanted to let you know that I am losing weight easier than ever before on my new eating plan. I have lost 16 pounds without any feelings of hunger. "

-- "P.S. This eating program is wonderful. I've completely changed my eating habits in only 2 weeks and I don't even crave some of the unhealthy foods that I used to!"

-- “I am soooo glad I found you! I never knew planning and eating the many choices of meals could be fun.”

BIKI was designed for women and men (18+) who want to lose weight and improve health. The diet is very flexible, practical, user-friendly and intuitive; simply add and delete foods or custom food photos and/or use the dietitian’s diet.

-Your Individualized, Custom Diet: diet type, restrictions and lifestyle are used to create your individualized, custom diet BIKI.
-Interchangeable Meal Tracking & Calorie Counter
Track the foods you eat at meals, totals meal nutrition, get advise regarding your consumed v.s. advised totals as-you go. Depending upon your needs you can choose to use just the calorie counter/tracker or use the custom diet or both interchangeably (BOTH).
-7 Day Meal Planner/Customizable: uses our proprietary copyrighted Plan-a-Meal technology to build on your Custom Diet. Quickly organize, track, add & delete foods or plan new meals on the spur of the moment or plan ahead (PRO ONLY)
-Diet Tracking: Calories consumed appear on your customized diet daily so you can adjust your diet as-you-go (BOTH)
-Dropdown/Chooser: for flexible meal choice (BOTH)
-My Diet Efforts Tracker: Tracks your diet efforts & compares your efforts to peers (PRO only)
-Customizable Progress Calendar
Establish weight and other goals with a customizable tracker so you can evaluate real progress not just daily weight gained and lost (PRO ONLY)
- Food Selfies - LITE provides trial access only limiting you to 3 food selfies per meal

-108 Food Selfies - for hassle free, 1-click diet tracking
-Automatic, Custom Groceries List
-Expert Diet Assessment & Recommendations
[Learn the strength & weaknesses of your diet from a PRO]
-Exercise-Calorie Adjustment Tool
-Add Custom Foods/Add Custom Recipes Tool
-User support
-And More

BIKI® is a practical, easy-to-use diet that works! It's based on years of objective client-centered testing.
-BIKI is for weight loss planning and is considerate of health issues: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes too
-It considers the following diet restrictions: vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, lactose free
-It ensures accurate calories & nutrition via professional oversight
-It is reviewed by a registered dietitian and standardized to be accurate between restaurant, brand and whole food data
-Simplifies your diet routine using saved favorite foods, personal meal planning tools, and expert food recommendations

BIKI - Custom Diet Plan & Expert Diet HelpBIKI - Custom Diet Plan & Expert Diet HelpBIKI - Custom Diet Plan & Expert Diet HelpBIKI - Custom Diet Plan & Expert Diet HelpBIKI - Custom Diet Plan & Expert Diet Help

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