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BE ON AIR is designed to broadcast your voice over local WiFi networks in real time like a radio. The audience should also install application to their devices in order to connect to the live audio stream. BE ON AIR makes it easy to conduct lectures, master classes, conferences and seminars without the need of any special audio equipment. The app is a powerful tool for tour guides, teachers and students, lecturers, interpreters or anyone in need of being heard by a large audience.


-The audience can ask the speaker questions via built-in messaging service.

-Both the speaker and the audience can record the broadcast.

-The speaker can turn off the audience's recording capability at any time as well as protect it with a password.

-For simultaneous interpreters the app allows to create their own streams while listening to the main speaker broadcast.

-The app allows the users to upload previously recorded audio broadcasts to Dropbox.

-BE ON AIR also has a built-in voting system.

-Broadcasts are available to users with iOS or other smartphones and BE ON AIR app.


- iOS 5 or later
- iPod touch, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad and iPad mini

-Some public WiFi networks do not allow data exchange between devices on the network. The app will not work on such networks.
-Smartphone's built-in microphone may not deliver the best sound quality and may create noise. Consider using an external microphone or headset for online broadcasting.
-Bluetooth headsets can create noticeable delay and often produce poor sound quality.

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