Biorhythms 4U

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What's New:

optimized for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+

New look at biorhythms
• Widget "Biorhythm Overall" in the Notifications Center (only iOS 8)
• All 4 biorhythms for one selected person on one screen in the main app.
• Selected biorhythm for all/selected people on one screen.
• Portrait or landscape view for your comfortability.
• Amazing graphic, redesigned for iOS 8 and iOS 7.
• Simple to use (intuitive user interface).
• Fully customizable.

Check biorhythms for you and your loved ones.
Find out, what will look like your relationship with them now and in the near future.

Biorhythms gives you:
• Opportunity to learn yours and people around you physical and intellectual abilities at any given time.
• Additional information about people close to you, you will learn to better understand them.
• Determine compatibility between you and well known celebrities.

Widget "Biorhythm Overall" in the Notifications Center main features:
• quickly check today's overall biorhythm for the same people as in the portrait view of the Biorhythm 4U app,
• open the Biorhythm 4U app directly from the Notification Center by tap the selected person

App Biorhythm 4U main features:
• portrait and landscape view;
• two modes biorhythms presentation;
• current trends and ratings;
• partnership compatibility with trends and ratings;
• compatibility list for persons;
• simple usage;
• info panels describing the basic gestures;
• copy information about people (name, surname and date of birth) from the phone's contacts;
• fully customizable (colors, ranges, sorting, filters, etc);
• export to iMessage, e-mail, Facebook, and Twiter.

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