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What's New:

In-app purchase of unlimited textbook feature
Czech localization has been improved

i-School is a study organizer and Timetable Schedule Planner, both for schools and universities. Very minimalistic but has everything you need. Convenient class and study-schedule, textbooks, homework and notes are attached to classes; homework notifications, grades, grade's average. Take a pictures or use voice recording as a note. Very simple. Very useful.

With i-School you can:

- Download your favorite textbooks and attach them to the classes;
- Keep track of your study Timetable Schedule, make audio and text notes during your classes
- Track your tasks - homework, assignments and get notified in advance about deadlines
- Keep your grades, compute a grade average by semesters and overall
- Share you homework through the social networks or bluetooth interface

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iSchool - School diaryiSchool - School diaryiSchool - School diaryiSchool - School diaryiSchool - School diary

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