Finding Gnomes

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Do you have what it takes to save your friend?

You receive a mysterious letter from an old friend. In the letter he begs you to meet him at his house to help him solve an awkward situation.
In order to help your friend, you have to chase down a bunch of magical garden gnomes and return them to a witch. But there is a problem. The gnomes will not return unless you complete some tasks for them.

This game is a classic point and click adventure, brought to you by the Swedish developer Peeking Peacock. Finding Gnomes is not another hidden objects game - it is true point and click gameplay from start to finish.

Do you have what it takes to return all the gnomes and save your friend?

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-Classic point and click gameplay
-A fun and enjoyable story
-Secrets to uncover, mysteries to unravel and puzzles to solve!
-Full soundtrack and sound effects
-The game auto-saves as you progress

DO YOU NEED HELP? – watch the walkthrough on Youtube:


Finding GnomesFinding GnomesFinding GnomesFinding Gnomes

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