Snow Brawlin' Xtreme

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How about a good old fashioned snowball fight! Risoo needs your help! A gang of rogue rodents wants to take his turf! With the season’s nut shortage in full effect, there's only one way to settle the score — SNOWBALL FIGHT!

It's a Snow Brawl Free-For-All!
Help Risoo protect his corner of the forest, and get rid of those greedy squirrels once and for all! Chuck as many snowballs as possible at the squirrelly intruders, but watch out! They're throwing snowballs right back.

The game play is a fast and furious flurry of fur! Tilt your iPhone or iPad to help Risoo dodge the incoming snowballs. Tap the enemy squirrels to bombard them with a barrage of snowballs. Use your arctic blasts, fireballs and shields to protect your turf. The longer you survive, the faster and harder the game becomes. And with an endless supply of snowballs, you'll be snow brawlin' all season long!

Snow Brawlin' Xtreme includes:
• 185,000 Coins to get you started. Add abilities to give Risoo a fighting chance.
• In App Store
• Mini-game, Win Extra Bonuses
• Blasts - Arctic Blasts, Fireball Blasts
• Pick-Ups - Splitballs, Fireballs, Shields, Speed Boost
• Combos - Force Field + Fireballs, Speed + Fireballs, Splitfire, Force Field + Splitballs, Speed + Splitballs, Force Field + Splitfire
• Utilities - Revive, Lucky Ticket, The Nut of Life
• Collect Coins During Gameplay
• Coin Shower & Coin Toss
• Score Multipliers
• Game Center Leaderboard
• Game Center Achievements
• Retina Graphics
• iPhone 5, 5c, 5s & iPod Touch 5 Optimized
• iPad Support
• iPad Mini Optimized
• In-Game Help System

Snow Brawlin’ Xtreme is brought to you by Ghost Hand Games, a small team of artists and coders who are committed to creating games with hand-crafted quality. Let us know what you think!

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Snow Brawlin' XtremeSnow Brawlin' XtremeSnow Brawlin' XtremeSnow Brawlin' XtremeSnow Brawlin' Xtreme

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