Do Not Move

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Just improving your experience!

Don't move your phone. You'll get points for every second your phone doesn't move!

Do Not Move:
▪ Increases your social being!
▪ Has an Attractive Interface Design!
▪ Skips the Swiping, Typing, Touching stuff!
▪ Detects the most gentle movements!
▪ Appoints you points when you don't move your phone
▪ Gets you up to 250 times the basic amount of points!
▪ Has Game Center leaderboards: Highest Scores, Lowest Scores, Longest Steady Time
▪ Contains elaborate in game info and tips to get more points
▪ You can try to move, good luck!

Did you move your phone?
The movement bar at the bottom of the screen will change color from green to red. But, more importantly, the rate at which you receive points decreases.

Challenge others!
By reaching the highest amount of points. Or be different and try to keep your score at the same number for as long as possible!

Try to be different!
Get the lowest possible score, for example by using Do Not Move while fitnessing. You'll prove the higher scores wrong by improving your health AND winning in the low score leaderboard!

Do Not MoveDo Not MoveDo Not Move

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