Endless Memory

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What's New:

1. New minimalist UI;
2. 'Game Center' multiplayer mode, play game with friends from all over the world;
3. Adding a variety of skin theme.

I believe you have been in love with small delicate and simple rules game.

"Memory endless“ new minimalist style attack, delicate and fresh design will meet your requirements, simple but challenging gameplay will let you try to stop but cannot!

Each level of the game, will add a color block and you have to find it out in 5 seconds . Level higher than the latter, the screen in the new color will be more and more, this time you will need to have strong enough memory to complete the checkpoints.

Come on, man ! Have fun and challenge the memory limit with your friends in this game.

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Endless MemoryEndless MemoryEndless MemoryEndless MemoryEndless Memory

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