WBS - Project work breakdown structure management

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What's New:

· New work package columns for status tracking - Target finish date, actual cost, % complete
· Outline view enhancements - Frozen and scrollable columns, column title and visibility customization
· New PDF exporting option - connection line width
· Work package display style on chart view

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Project Work Breakdown Structure(WBS) management on outline and chart views, to layout work packages and update estimate; to import work elements from MS excel; to export WBS as PDF, Excel and images files, AND export as project plan file.

WBS is a hierarchical and incremental decomposition of the project into phases, deliverables and work packages. It is a tree structure, which shows a subdivision of effort required to achieve an objective, for example a program, project and contract.

Mobilinked WBS, is THE easy to use WBS management app for the iPad. Natural gestures use on a clean user interface makes WBS maintenance easier, faster and more efficient than ever before. Visualize and simplify WBS on outline and graphics chart views, divide work elements, sketch out labor cost, materials cost and total cost of each elements (and automatically adds the costs up the element hierarchy) - with supports of continuous inputting and batch inputing.

WBS can be synchronized across multiple devices and teams, via Email, Airdrop and third party cloud apps, plus exported as image, Excel and PDF files, AND Exported as project plan to QuickPlan (https://itunes.apple.com/app/id621375878)

WBS supports continuos and batch work elements inputting, And supports to import work elements from MS Excel file

• iOS7 needed
• Feature video - http://youtu.be/FZ7puht7Nao
• Support - at http://wbs.mobilinked.biz
● UI language: English; Project data: Unicode (multiple languages)

WBS deliveries fast, intuitive and discoverable experience to users on a clean and smooth interface
• Work package maintenance - natural gestures, continuous and batch inputing on outline and chart views
• Project estimate - work package labor cost and materials cost maintenance
• Communication - exports WBS as image/pdf and excel file
• Collaboration - shares WBS across multiple devices via email, airdrop and 3rd cloud apps
• Project plan integration – exports as project plan to QuickPlan

• Maintain work elements in text outline view and graphics tree-style chart view
• Continuous and batch work element inputing
• Importing from MS Excel file
• 3 chart layouts, AND display as colourful or mono style.
• Color and icon
• Supports big project (smooth interaction for 1000 task packages)
• Natural gestures (swipe left/right to adjust outline levels, tap with two fingers to collapse/expand all groups together, hold and move to change sequence, and etc.)
• Build project quotes with labor and materials costs, labor cost can be input as effort or cost
• Project charge rate, currency and work package category customization
• Collapse / Expand dedicate or all groups; zoom on chart view.
• User interface customization options
• Share WBS across devices via Email, Airdrop and third party cloud apps
• Export outlines with cost as a new project plan to QuickPlan (https://itunes.apple.com/app/id621375878)
• Export whole WBS or selected work group as Excel file
• Export whole WBS or select work group chart as PDF with exporting customization options
• Export whole WBS or selected work group chart as Image file
• Undo, and toast message with voice
• WBS duplication


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