Burpquake: The World's Loudest Burping Animals

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What's New:

Now also available for iPhone and iPod touch. (Originally available only for iPad.)

Once upon a time, there were six little critters who loved to burp. Each remarkable in its own way, together they formed a magnificent and legendary burp symphony. Now you can join their mischievous medleys and seismographic shenanigans as they quake your iPad & iPhone!

Promo Video:
• https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5954LcDu_eE

• Burp the animals individually, in pairs, or in combinations. (See "Device Variations" sections below for limitations on older devices.)
• Live seismograph displays earthquakes as the animals burp. The louder the system volume, the greater the quake.
• Animated mouths and rotating ray-bursts, both synchronized to the audio.
• Over 1,500 unique, high-fidelity burp sounds ranging in length from ⅛ second to 5 seconds.
• Supports all iPad orientations (portrait, landscape, and upside-down of both).
• Burpophonic™ volume ramping technology for burps louder than you thought were possible on an iPad. (Not available on 1st-generation iPad.)

To Burp an Animal:
• Tap for a short burp; press and hold for a longer burp. Visual indicator grows as air is swallowed.
• Optionally, while pressing to inhale, move finger up/down/left/right to change the “color” of the burp you are requesting. This makes a suggestion to the animal that it should try to imitate one of the other animals.
• Each animal has its own pitch range. The chick, for example, is very high-pitched, while the elephant is very low-pitched.
• Be careful not to burp any one animal too frequently, or it might get sick.

Technical Details:
• 339 unique burp recordings totaling 10½ minutes of audio (all 96kHz lossless), multiplying to 1,652 unique burp sounds after dynamic pitch processing.

Device Variations:
• iPad — iPad 2 and all newer iPad models (including all iPad Mini and iPad Air models) support burping of 6 animals simultaneously. 1st-generation iPad is limited to 2 animals simultaneously.
• iPhone — iPhone 4S and all newer iPhone models support burping of 3 animals simultaneously. iPhone 4 supports 2 animals simultaneously. iPhone 3GS is limited 1 animal at a time.
• iPod touch — 5rd-generation iPod touch supports burping of 3 animals simultaneously. 4th-generation iPod touch supports 2 animals simultaneously. 3rd-generation iPod touch is limited to 1 animal at a time.

Privacy Policy:
• No personal information is collected or retained. More details: http://www.facebook.com/notes/burpquake/burpquake-privacy-policy/1523591794561441

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Burpquake: The World's Loudest Burping AnimalsBurpquake: The World's Loudest Burping AnimalsBurpquake: The World's Loudest Burping AnimalsBurpquake: The World's Loudest Burping AnimalsBurpquake: The World's Loudest Burping Animals

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