Expense Scout: Shopping List, Bill Reminders & Expense Tracker

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What's New:

-Super EASY ENTRY! Add all purchases within last 30 days to the shopping list with just ONE TAP. Save time & enjoy the convenience.
-Minor fixes in \"Add New Bill\" section.

An EASY way to ORGANIZE & TRACK Shopping, Bills & Money. Enjoy Expense Scout on your iPhone/ iPad now & Make Time & Money Management Easy.


-Never forget a payment with reminders & alerts.
-Keep track of payments you have made.

-A shopping list with prices simply by scanning & tagging.
-All previous purchases in one place. Re-use with just a tap.
-A list organized by aisles in your store & save time in store.
-Keep track of your shopping expenses while shopping.
-Sync & share your shopping list with family & friends.

-Take control over expenditure: customize the budget to match your expenses and set goals & tracking periods.
-Analyze monthly expenses and find out ways to save more.

*** DETAILS: ***

-Reuse & Save Time
All previous purchases are in one place. Easily reuse previous purchases with a tap and save time. Using the "30 Days" button, you can add all purchases you have purchased within the past 30 days instantly.

-A Shopping List with Prices.
Scan the barcode to add items to the shopping list easily, in minutes, with today's market prices.

-Track Shopping Expenses
View planned and spent shopping expenses in the expense manager. Easily track and manage shopping expenses.

-Synchronize & Create a "Family Shopping List".
The whole family can add/remove items and check off items anytime, anywhere via iCloud and Family Sharing.

-Add Weekly Deals
Tag deals in the weekly ads of your local store & add to the shopping list. Maximize savings.

-From Cookbook
Tag ingredients in your favorite recipe & add to the list. Enjoy the convenience.

-Create & Organize By Aisles
Organize items in the shopping list by the aisles in your local store. Create new aisle to match the aisles in your local store.

-Create New Units
Create new units as you wish.

-Share With Family & Friends
Cut down the number of trips to the store by sharing the remaining shopping items with family and friends using any media available on your iPhone or iPad like messages, email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or AirDrop .

Receive iCalendar reminders two days prior to the payment due date.

Track bill payments with amber alerts one week prior and red warnings on and after the due date.

Check off as you make payments. The app will record the date and time the payment was made.

Easily add the payment confirmation number or any additional information.

-Set Goals
Set goals based on your income and expenditure.

-Reuse and make budgeting easy
Reuse expenses in the spending log to record any non-shopping expenses or payments such as dining out or coffee. Its simple & easy.

Customize the budget by adding/removing budget categories related to you. Manage expenses more effectively.

-Sync Shopping List, Bills & Budget
No need to enter shopping expenses and bills in the budget. The app automatically connects your shopping list and bills with your budget.

-Tracking and Alerts
Be alert when you are approaching the spending limits with a traffic light based color scheme.
Green - less than 75% of the limit is spent
Amber - between 75% - 100% of the limit is spent
Red - Spent over the limit

Find out the spending availability and planned expenses for each budget category. Easily decide on whether to buy or pass an eye-catching deal.

-Analyze monthly expenses by budget category and save more money.

-Your can easily synchronize and share the whole app with family and friends using iCloud and Family Sharing Features.

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Expense Scout: Shopping List, Bill Reminders & Expense TrackerExpense Scout: Shopping List, Bill Reminders & Expense TrackerExpense Scout: Shopping List, Bill Reminders & Expense TrackerExpense Scout: Shopping List, Bill Reminders & Expense TrackerExpense Scout: Shopping List, Bill Reminders & Expense Tracker

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