MegaWeather HD

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Get all the weather information you need, right from your iPhone.
Any weather forecast you need is already here. 
It is a program that displays the information in an attractive and simple format on your screen!It's a high-speed application with fantastic look friendly interface.Whole new design with "touch & slide" features.Just try this and you shold never use something other.If your have questions...


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TOPLAPapp is a sonic puzzle based around a virtual machine for sound synthesis. This machine accepts a few valid instructions represented by the letters T, O, P, L, A, and p, and you control it by placing each command letter within a grid, along with setting some associated parameter sliders. The machine rushes through the instruction set to create output sounds, which are usually of a somewhat noisy...


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Live and entertainingly noisy synthesiser, responding to multitouch and accelerometer control. You can control up to three independent voices at once. The sound synthesis method is GENeral DYNamic stochastic synthesis, as pioneered by Iannis Xenakis. Imagine a set of control points (CPs) which together define the shape of a time domain waveform; with each new cycle through this waveform, their relative...

Snapnote — add text to photos in a snap

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*** App Gone Free! ***Tap > Type > Share Photos with beautiful styled texts. Handpicked fonts, styling options. No ads or watermarks!Features include- No annoying advertising or watermarks- Beautiful handpicked fonts:- Real time font selection- Real time color and text editing as it will appear- Add as many text labels as you want- Emoji support- Wide selection of cropping options- Add your own fonts...

RunCracker PRO - Training plans for all running goals & GPS Track by Red Rock Apps

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Crack your running workout like a nut! RunCracker is an easy to use running tracker app including great variety of ready training plans.========================GREAT CHOICE OF TRAINING PLANS- professional training plans from the best specialists;- combination of walking, jogging and running with varying acceleration for top results;- possibility to train both out- and indoors;- no need to stick to...


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You can turn your favorite photos into high quality oil paintings and share them with your friends instantly! Use your creativity to customize the frame, color effect, brush size, brightness, and contrast to create stunning arts.

Dream Meanings

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ALL OUR DREAMS CAN COME TRUE, IF WE HAVE THE COURAGE TO PURSUE THEM.Download it NOW!InDreamZzz based on a real dreams prepared by dream specialists and psychologists.The interpretation of dreams is an ancient science, with which people seeks to learn about their future, understand and be prepared. After all, the dream once considered one of the ways to communicate with the other world in which everything...

ContactDel: delete multiple contacts with one touch

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Delete all contacts right on your iPhone with just one touch!ContactDel provides many ways to delete multiple contacts on iPhone and iPod Touch. No PC or Mac are required, no Sync is needed. Use ContactDel to save time when cleaning up your address book.1. Delete All: The EASIEST way to delete all contacts on your iPhone and iPod Touch, just push the button, the App does the rest.2. Special Delete:---...

PicScrub- Delete Photos From Your iPhone. Create Space

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PicScrub- Safely Flick Away MB Unwanted Photos and Free Up Megabytes Of Space Quickly and safely remove unwanted photos from your iPhone & iPad and free MB of space. The interface consists of a single screen showing a giant thumbnail of your photo. If you want to keep it, swipe right; to delete, swipe left. Your photos are stored until you decide to get rid of them for good; you can undo if...

Translator : Translate from English to around sixty world languages (with speech recognition and text-to-speech)

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*Translator HD is free today by reason of the AppEvent action. Visit for more free apps in the days to come!*With Translator, you can translate any text between 58 world languages. All you have to do is select your source and target languages, type your text and click on the translation button. It's as simple as that. You don't even have to type your text. Just speak and your speech...


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Stop counting sheep! Mee the Goat takes care of your sleep! Only few clicks every day! Very simple!!Works perfect on all iOS! :) Note: With Unlock mee pack YOU get FULL potential of meeSleep!BIG discount on Unlock mee! Limited time offer!Mee the Goat, your new personal sleep assistant, is here to help you sleep better in your future, starting from today!Join numerous satisfied meeSleep users that we...

FunSlides - Make HD video from photos

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With FunSlides you can create fantastic REALTIME, HD video slideshows from your favorite photos. You can import photos from your iPhone’s camera roll or take new photos with your iPhone camera. After adding photos to your project you can add text to each one of them. Once your photos are arranged in order and your text has been added, insert the transitions you would like between photos. Finally,...

Oblique Strategies: All Four Editions

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Oblique Strategies is a deck of cards that's intended to help in solving problems, boost creativity, and inspire new ways of thinking. This is an ideal solution for writer's block and breaking dilemma situations. This app contains all four editions of Oblique Strategies.

ask piggy

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got questions? ask him your question then rub his belly for his opinion ! ************************************************ this is for entertainment only, do not take the answers serious. ************************************************

Buddha Machine

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“Beautifully useless” (New York Times)“Mesmerizing” (Pop Matters)“Addictive, hypnotic” (Santa Fe Reporter)“It's bliss” (Washington Post)----The FM3 Buddha Machine is a palm-sized plastic box that plays meditative music loops composed by Christiaan Virant and Zhang Jian. This iPhone/iPod application is a "virtual Buddha Machine" which replicates the no-nonsense simplicity of the original...